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    Pentair culture is based on honesty and morality. Value orientation directly determines how we treat our customers, suppliers, partners and competitors. All kinds of insistence, open business behavior, mutual respect and tolerance, provide world-class products and services, and strive to create a cultural atmosphere of customer satisfaction, employee happiness and continuous progress of the company.

    Pentair's products, projects and business conduct adhere to the code of ethics around the world. Employees and partners must comply with U.S. and local laws and regulations, including the FCPA act, in the course of cooperation. As part of business publicity, we invite you to read the code of business conduct below, which details the moral culture and the meaning of the code.

    Our core values - Integrity, teamwork, excellent operation and responsibility and high quality make us stand out from our competitors. We also expect customers to supervise and urge us with such standards.

    If you encounter any violation of the code of business conduct in your cooperation with Pentair, please contact the Pentair management department or call the complaint hotline, and we will give you a satisfactory reply.

    CEO ethics lecture

    No one doesn't want to work with companies with integrity and high ethical standards, and no one doesn't want to work for such companies More than two centuries of success in the fluid motion industry shows that our business is built on quality products and industry-leading solutions. In addition, we are particularly proud of our commitment to conduct our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

    To show a strong corporate image to the outside world, we must first have a strong corporate strength inside. Just as our traditional brand shows our rich heritage, our employees are the backbone of the company, and we continue to implement the ethical work rules established by Flowserve and our predecessor enterprises after decades. Respecting our customers, suppliers, colleagues and even competitors, Flowserve has always set an example to show the quality of a trustworthy partner.

    No matter our 15000 employees in 55 countries, or our global network of distributors, customers, agents and partners, everyone who deals with Flowserve brand inherits the rich tradition and experience we rely on to become famous, and fulfills the promise of "one word, nine Ding". No matter where we operate in the world, it is our top priority to ensure that we adhere to business ethics consistently and uncompromisingly.