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    Core value - guiding daily behaviors with clear articles of Association - establishing corporate image and bringing long-term value to shareholders.


    Pentair is committed to providing partners with continuous health assurance and safe working environment. We believe that all accidents, casualties and environmental problems can be avoided.

    Morality and honesty

    Pentair strictly abides by the due ethics and rules and regulations in every region of the world.

    A Pentair

    Pentair promotes the efficiency of the industry and the development of enterprises with the help of globalization and synergy.

    Focus on customers

    Pentair is not only to achieve operational needs, but also to exceed customer expectations. Fast response, high quality products, excellent service, on-time delivery, commitment will be achieved.


    Pentair has a strong atmosphere of striving for excellence, pursuing better performance, achieving certification performance and differentiating performance, which is an important part of corporate culture.

    Diversity and inclusiveness

    Pentair strives to create a diversified and inclusive enterprise atmosphere, attract high-quality talents in the industry, and better serve global customers with their knowledge and skills.